Compliance Dashboards

This section contains data dashboards related to OGE’s oversight of executive branch ethics programs.

Dashboard of Recommendations to Address Agency Ethics Program Deficiencies

OGE issues recommendations when it finds program deficiencies during its review of the ethics program at each of the more than 140 agencies in the executive branch. A deficiency exists when a program fails to meet a requirement established by statute, regulation, or other binding authority. Recommendations remain open until OGE determines the agency has resolved the deficiency. This dashboard provides information about deficiencies that have been identified by OGE but remain unresolved by the agency reviewed. The information is updated quarterly.

Dashboard of Referrals of Potential Violations of Criminal Conflict of Interest Laws

Executive branch agencies must notify OGE when referring a potential violation of a criminal conflict of interest statute to a U.S. Attorney or the Department of Justice’s Public Integrity Section. A referral may be accepted for prosecution, returned for further investigation, or declined for prosecution and referred back to the agency for potential administrative action. The dashboard below provides information reported by agencies as part of their notifications to OGE. The information is updated quarterly.