United States Office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch

Confidential Financial Disclosure

Certain executive branch employees whose duties involve the exercise of discretion in sensitive areas such as contracting, procurement, administration of grants and licenses, and regulating or auditing non-Federal entities are required to file confidential financial disclosure reports (OGE Form 450). This reporting system generally tracks the approach of the public financial disclosure system with some differences. For example, asset values and income amounts are not required to be reported, nor are interests in or income from bank accounts, money market mutual funds, U.S. obligations and Government securities. The most notable difference between public and confidential reports, however, is that confidential financial disclosure reports are not available to the public


OGE Form 450
The versions of the OGE Form 450, the Confidential Financial Disclosure Report, available from the OGE website are for the employees of those agencies that do not offer electronic filing. For links to all forms as well as other versions of the OGE 450 visit the OGE Forms Library.

Helpful Resources for Confidential Financial Disclosure
This page contains helpful resources for both filers and reviewers of the OGE Form 450.
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