United States Office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch

OGE Promotes Transparency of the Executive Branch Ethics Program

Creating public confidence in the impartiality of government decision-making is at the core of OGE's mission. Transparency increases accountability and provides information to citizens about the inner workings of government and its decision-making processes. To promote transparency of the executive branch ethics program, OGE carries out the activities described below.

OGE raises the visibility of the executive branch ethics program:
OGE builds awareness of the systems in place to protect the integrity of government operations and programs by raising the visibility of the executive branch ethics program. OGE conducts outreach with stakeholders both within and outside of the federal government through traditional communication methods, such as speaking engagements, but also uses digital and social media to educate, engage, and encourage collaboration.

OGE ensures that ethics information is publicly available:
Making ethics information publicly available assures the American public that senior leaders are making decisions based on the interests of the public rather than their own personal financial interests. Ethics information includes public financial disclosure reports, program review reports on agency ethics programs, and written policy guidance. The availability of this information also assists executive branch employees in understanding some of the obligations of public service, holds OGE accountable for its activities, and supports ethics officials in carrying out the duties of their positions.