United States Office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch

OGE Contributes to the Continuity of Senior Leadership in the Executive Branch

Continuity of leadership that is visible to the nation and the world is necessary to maintain the trust and confidence of the American people. To contribute to the continuity of senior leadership in the executive branch, OGE carries out the activities described below.

OGE provides assistance to the President and the Senate in the nomination and appointment of officers to senior leadership positions in the executive branch: Working with the White House and executive branch agencies, OGE reviews the financial interests of Presidentially-appointed, Senate-confirmed nominees for possible conflicts of interest with their prospective duties. When such conflicts are found, OGE identifies remedies to resolve them so that the President?s appointees can carry out their duties free from those conflicts of interest.

OGE promotes leadership support of the executive branch ethics program: Because agency leaders play a significant role in fostering an ethical culture, OGE promotes leadership support of the executive branch ethics program by imparting to incoming leaders the importance of the ethics program and each leader?s role in supporting the program. OGE leverages existing opportunities, such as its nominee and program review processes, to highlight the importance of the ethics program to agency leaders. OGE also works with agency ethics officials to identify steps OGE can take to provide assistance in gaining leadership support for individual agency ethics programs.

OGE supports succession planning in executive branch ethics programs: Succession planning is vital to mitigating the loss of expertise resulting from the retirement of senior officials. Thus, OGE supports succession planning in executive branch agency ethics programs to minimize the impact of employees leaving the workforce. Succession planning requires the documentation of current processes, transfer of institutional knowledge, and availability of personnel prepared to assume ethics official positions at all levels. OGE provides training to less experienced ethics officials and trains ethics officials with more experience to deliver OGE-developed ethics courses in their own agencies.