United States Office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch

OGE Forms

This page provides access to all forms created by OGE.


Certificate of Divestiture Request Formatpdf
OGE strongly recommends that ethics officials use this format to request a certificate of divestiture for eligible employees. The PDF version is also 508-compliant and can be used with a screen reader.


Certification of Ethics Agreement Compliancepdf
Agencies use this form to report ethics agreement compliance for all Senate-confirmed Presidential appointees whose financial disclosure reports OGE reviewed in connection with the nomination process.


Ethics Pledge Format (Executive Order 13770)pdf
This Ethics Pledge format may be used by agencies in fulfilling their duties under section 4(a) of Executive Order 13770, which was signed on January 28, 2017. Additional information on administering the Ethics Pledge, including guidance on who is required to sign, is available in Executive Order 13770 and in applicable OGE legal advisories.


Legal Expense Trust Fund Templatepdf
This template may be used to draft a trust agreement that establishes a legal expense trust fund for an individual executive branch employee.


Notification of Designation (Alternate Designated Agency Ethics Official)pdf
Agencies should use this template when designating a federal employee to serve as the Alternate Designated Agency Ethics Official.


Notification of Designation (Designated Agency Ethics Official)pdf
Agencies should use this template when designating a federal employee to serve as the Designated Agency Ethics Official.


OGE Form 1353: Semiannual Report of Payments Accepted from a Non-Federal Sourcepdf
Agencies use this form to report, on a semiannual basis, payments for travel, subsistence, and related expenses received from non-Federal sources in connection with the attendance of employees at certain meetings or similar functions. The semiannual reporting periods run from April 1 through September 30 and from October 1 through March 31. Agencies may use either the OGE Form 1353 or the Standard Form (SF) 326. Agencies should submit completed Travel Reports to: 1353Travel@oge.gov.


OGE Form 201: Request to Inspect or Receive Copies of OGE Form 278, SF 278s or Other Covered Records
This form is used to request copies of the public financial disclosure reports and other specified records of Presidential appointees subject to Senate confirmation and of other executive branch officials.


OGE Form 202: Notice of Conflict of Interest Referralpdf
Agencies use the OGE Form 202, Notice of Conflict of Interest Referral, to report to OGE any alleged ethics violations that they referred to the U.S. Department of Justice for prosecution. Agencies should submit completed OGE Forms 202 via email to referrals@oge.gov.


OGE Form 278-T (Nov. 2019 Excel version)pdf
The OGE Form 278-T is used by employees within the executive branch who must file public periodic transaction reports. This version is for employees of agencies that do not offer electronic filing.


OGE Form 278e (Nov. 2019 Excel version)pdf
This version of the OGE Form 278e, the Public Financial Disclosure Report, is for individuals who cannot file using an electronic financial disclosure system.


OGE Form 450 (Nov. 2019 PDF version)pdf
This form is used by executive branch employees who are less senior than public filers to report their financial interests as well as other interests outside the Government. The purpose of this report is to assist employees and their agencies in avoiding conflicts between duties and private financial interests or affiliations. (For individuals using a pre-2010 version of Adobe: to save the form, use the "Save As" option. Do not use the "Save A Copy" option because this option will lock the form, preventing you from making changes.)