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Dates & Deadlines

Unless further information is required, agencies’ ...more
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OGE's Latest Advisories

LA-16-08: Introduction to the Primary Post-Government Employment Restrictions Applicable to Former Executive Branch Employees
This Legal Advisory provides a plain language discussion for agency ethics officials, departing employees, and former employees on the post-Government employment restrictions, particularly those found in certain provisions of the primary post-Government employment statute applicable to former employees of the executive branch, 18 U.S.C. § 207.

PA-16-06: Acceptance Date for Termination Filings
This Program Advisory clarifies the circumstances under which an agency may accept a termination public financial disclosure report prior to the termination of the employment of a public filer in a position subject to public filing requirements.

PA-16-05: Release of OGE’s Confidential Financial Disclosure Guide
The U.S. Office of Government Ethics has released a new Confidential Financial Disclosure Guide, which provides comprehensive guidance on financial disclosure requirements for both new entrant and annual confidential reports in the executive branch.

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