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Access Ethics Documents

OGE knows that transparency is essential for building the public’s trust in government. OGE makes available ethics documents so the public can participate in the oversight of the executive branch and its leaders.

    In this collection

  • Financial Disclosure Reports
  • Certificates of Divestiture
  • Ethics Pledge Waivers
  • Ethics Agreements
  • Certificates of Ethics Agreement Compliance

    In this collection

  • Program Review Reports
  • Annual Agency Ethics Program Questionnaires
  • Oversight Correspondence with Agencies
  • 1353 Travel Reports

Executive Branch Wide Reports and Data

OGE publishes summaries of its annual executive branch-wide oversight data call and other multi-agency reports so the public has a picture of the executive branch ethics program as a whole.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

OGE responds to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act, which is a law that gives the public the right to request Federal Government records.