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Equity is Part of Ethics

June 23, 2022

From: Shelley Finlayson, Chief of Staff and Program Counsel

One of our fundamental principles of ethical conduct in the executive branch requires the more than two million federal employees to provide equal opportunities to all Americans when carrying out their work. This work is vital to advancing equity in underserved communities. So, OGE is redoubling its efforts to support ethics officials in effectively imparting this important principle to all executive branch employees, to make ethics documents more easily accessible to all members of the public, and to use taxpayer dollars to increase equity.

OGE understands that principles and rules alone are insufficient to ensure equity across the federal workforce and throughout our nation. Specific, dedicated action is required. Therefore, OGE has committed to:

  1. Support ethics officials in improving the ethics education they provide to  federal employees who serve the public,
  2. Improve the public’s access to ethics documents, and
  3. Use OGE’s purchasing power to reduce inequities.

By helping to ensure that federal employees feel welcome and represented in ethics training sessions, OGE will improve the reach and effectiveness of rules that seek to ensure citizens are treated fairly by their government. By making it easier for all Americans to access ethics documents, OGE will help empower all communities to oversee and hold accountable their government. And, by using OGE’s economic power to support small, disadvantaged, and under-utilized businesses, OGE will contribute to a fairer, more just economy.

OGE will keep the public apprised of our progress on these important commitments. You can read OGE’s entire Equity Action Plan here and see the specific steps that OGE has taken in response to the executive order.