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With Gratitude to All of the Public Servants Who Work to Protect the Public Trust

May 2, 2022

From: Emory Rounds

The work of agencies across the executive branch is extraordinary in breadth. Every day, public servants are hard at work making our country better. They work to ensure our security, grow our economy, and protect our health and wellbeing. As Americans, their efforts are vital to our way of life. And all of their work to secure our nation’s successes requires trust between government and the public it serves.

There is a very special subset of public servants who work tirelessly to protect the trust between the American people and their government: ethics officials. Thousands of ethics officials work across more than 140 agencies to help their agencies maintain the public trust. These officials make government more transparent by administering the financial disclosure system. They help government employees adhere to high ethical standards through advice and training. They counsel senior government leaders to help them ensure the agencies they lead are acting solely for the benefit of the public they serve.

This week is Public Service Recognition week. It is a reminder to think of, and express gratitude to, the public servants who carry out the important work of government. I am immensely grateful to all who chose to serve and I am especially grateful to those who support the executive branch ethics program.

I encourage you to use this occasion to recognize the public servants in your life and to join me in expressing gratitude to the thousands of ethics officials who help ensure that all public servants are able to maintain the trust they need to effectively serve the public.