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By the Numbers: The National Government Ethics Summit was a Success

September 30, 2014

by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

OGE’s first National Government Ethics Summit this September was truly a success. The Summit brought together a community of government ethics officials and other stakeholders to strengthen the executive branch ethics program by providing opportunities for training, collaboration, and a lively exchange of differing perspectives. Based on evaluations collected at the end of each session, feedback from participants in the Summit was enthusiastic. In addition to these positive evaluations, the numbers tell a story of success:


  • 108 in-person sessions, 16 of which OGE also broadcast by live-streaming video 
  • 10 “virtual-only” sessions 
  • 125 hours of in-person professional development


  • Cost of presenting the Summit, excluding salaries: approximately $10,000
  • Fee to attend the Summit in person: $23
  • Fee to view the Summit online: $0

In-Person Participation:

  • Forum Day 1: 316 participants 
  • Forum Day 2: 301 participants
  • Forum Day 3: 290 participants
  • Financial Disclosure Invitational Workshop: 58 participants
  • Small Agency Invitational Day: 100 participants
  • Mid-Size Agency Invitational Day: 104 participants
  • Large Agency Invitational Day: 173 participants

Online Participation:

  • Forum days: 2529 unique views 
  • “Virtual-only” events: 1703 unique views
  • All live-streamed events combined: 4232 unique views


  • Total number of presenters: 142
  • Presenters included the following: executive branch ethics officials; a Member of Congress; legislative and judicial branch ethics officials; former White House attorneys from 3 presidential administrations; auditors and investigators; enforcement officials from the Department of Justice and Offices of Inspector General; academics, nonprofits, and associations; representatives of good government groups and the media; experts in administrative law related to government travel, disciplinary actions, records systems, and release of information; electronic filing program officials; and Office of Special Counsel staff responsible for protecting whistleblowers and guarding against political activity

Agency Partners:

5 agency partners: Office of Government Ethics; Federal Housing Finance Agency; National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services; Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation; Transportation Security Administration