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Grateful for Those Who Protect the Public Trust

December 26, 2023

Shelley K. Finlayson, Acting Director and Program Counsel 

As we reflect on all that OGE and the ethics program has accomplished in 2023, it seems more than appropriate to thank all of those individuals without whom our successes would not be possible.  

I am grateful to the millions of federal employees who show up every day to protect our country, provide for our welfare, protect our health and safety, and help grow our economy. I am grateful for their honorable service, and their efforts to protect the trust of the public they serve.  

I am grateful to the thousands of ethics officials across the executive branch who have been hard at work advising leadership and employees, conducting ethics training, and reviewing hundreds of thousands of financial disclosure reports.  

And, I am grateful to the entire staff at OGE who have modernized ethics rules, provided guidance, reviewed financial disclosures, overseen agency ethics programs, launched new professional development initiatives, brought OGE’s vital infrastructure into the 21st century, and so much more.  

Together, they have all worked tirelessly to help ensure that the American people can have confidence in their government. As 2023 nears its conclusion, I want to express my gratitude and to wish all public servants a safe, celebratory holiday season, and a happy and productive new year.