United States Office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch

Agency Ethics Pledge Waivers (EO 13770)

This page lists the appointees who received limited waivers to the Ethics Pledge required by Executive Order 13770.
Copies of any waivers granted to White House appointees pursuant to Executive Order 13770 are available on the White House website.

Appleton, Brooke
Baptist, Erik
Boswell, Kristi
Branstad, Terry
Callanan, Brian
Dougherty, Margaret
Finch, Andrew
Forsgren, Dennis
Gordon-Hagerty, Lisa
Juster, Kenneth
Kan, Derek
Kelly, John
Leggitt, Lance
Lenihan, Keagan
Lyons, Maggie
McMullen, Edward
Norby, Heather
Peacock, Marcus
Readler, Chad
Sands, Jeffrey
Sayegh, Anthony
Schriver, Randall
Tarbert, Heath
Tkacz, Kailee
Wachtel, Jonathan
White, Anne
Wray, Christopher