Pledge Waivers (E.O. 13989) - Biden Administration

This page lists the appointees who received limited waivers to the Ethics Pledge in Executive Order 13989.

Name (and link to waiver) Date Issued Agency Date Posted by Agency
Celeste Drake 4/29/2021 Office of Management and Budget 4/30/2021
Erika Moritsugu 4/27/2021 White House 4/29/2021
Marianne Engleman-Lado 4/14/2021 Environmental Protection Agency 4/16/2021
Dr. Suhas "Micky" Tripathi 3/30/2021 Department of Health and Human Services 4/6/2021
Natasha Bilimoria 3/16/2021 Agency for International Development 3/18/2021
Alethea Predeoux 3/15/2021 Office of Personnel Management 3/25/2021
Aviva Aron-Dine 2/26/2021 Office of Management and Budget 3/5/2021
Michelle Brané 2/24/2021 Department of Homeland Security 3/1/2021
Charanya Krishnaswami 2/9/2021 Department of Homeland Security 2/18/2021