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Congressional Correspondence

Through formal correspondence to Congress, OGE communicates its substantive views on legislative proposals, transmits its own legislative proposals, responds to written congressional inquiries, and transmits performance and other required information.

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Letter to Rep. Evans Regarding Special Review of Outside Employment at VA, 2002
Letter to Representative Lane Evans Regarding a Special Review by OGE of Outside Employment for “At Risk” Employees at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs


Letter to Rep. Burton Transmitting OGE's New SOR Report, 2002
Letter to Representative Dan Burton Transmitting OGE’s Proposed New and Altered (Revised) Systems of Records Report


Letter to Sen. Lieberman Transmitting OGE's SOR Report, 2002
Letter to Senator Joseph Lieberman Transmitting OGE’s Proposed New and Altered (Revised) Systems of Records Report


Letter to Rep. Horn Regarding Reporting Reqs for Gifts to President, 2002
Letter to Representative Stephen Horn Regarding the Reporting Requirements for Gifts Given to the President of the United States and how They would Change under H.R. 1081


Letter to Sen. Reid Regarding Robert Card, Undersec DOE Private Company, 2002
Letter to Senator Harry Reid Regarding Mr. Robert Card’s (Under Secretary of the Department of Energy) Involvement with a Private Company and Potential Conflicts of Interest


Letter to Rep. Wynn, Audit of Contracting and Personnel at LOC, 2002
Letter to Representative Albert Wynn Noting that an Audit of Contracting and Personnel Operations at the Library of Congress is Outside OGE's Jurisdiction


Letter to Sens. Lieberman and Thompson in regards to S. 1811, 2002
Letter to Senators Joseph Lieberman and Fred Thompson Regarding S. 1811, a Bill Changing the Financial Disclosure Process for Presidential Nominees


Letter to Reps. Burton and Waxman Analyzing H.R. 3843, 2002
Letter to Representatives Dan Burton and Henry Waxman Analyzing H.R. 3843 (Federal Information Technology Workforce and Acquisition Improvement Act) Against Current Law