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OGE meets with Commissioner and Deputy CEO of Kenya’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission as well as International Fellows from the GAO

July 10, 2014

OGE regularly meets with foreign public and private sector groups through the State Department International Visitor Leadership Program and similar programs. These foreign delegations come to OGE to learn about the ethics program in the executive branch and how that program fits under the broader rubric of anti-corruption, financial disclosure, good governance and transparency. For example, last week OGE met with the Commissioner and Deputy CEO of Kenya's Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission . In particular, the Kenyan delegation was interested in learning about OGE's mandate and best practices in areas of legal and policy frameworks. Also last week, OGE briefed a group of 22 auditors participating in the Government Accountability Office's International Auditor Fellowship Program. The program is a four-month intensive-study course, designed to strengthen the ability of supreme audit institutions to fulfill their missions and enhance accountability and governance worldwide.

Since October 2013, OGE has briefed 22 foreign delegations comprised of more than 256 individuals representing 76 countries.

For more information about OGE's international work, visit our International Activities web page.